BioAmber Bolsters Communications and HR Functions with IgnitionWeb
In the face of a $10 billion total addressable market, BioAmber is the only company in the world producing bio-based succinic acid in commercial quantities. Not only does the company’s product directly replace the petroleum-based alternative in the manufacturing of everyday products, but BioAmber makes it more responsibly, economically and cleanly than anyone else in order to impact the health of our world. BioAmber’s completely renewable and flexible organic feedstocks produce very high-yields while their proven, proprietary process creates a negative carbon footprint by consuming CO₂. Built on the strength of intellectual property, innovative technology, strategic partnerships, and participation in every segment of their value chain, BioAmber is growing rapidly to meet demand and improve the world we all live in.
In 2011, High-Touch positioned BioAmber as a world leading sustainable chemicals company poised to drive systemic change in the manufacturing of everyday products. With bright, bold, clean and green imagery and messaging, BioAmber’s identity was successfully communicated by leveraging the company’s cutting-edge innovation, technical expertise and its commercial viability in sustainable chemistry. Since that time, the company has taken great strides on a global scale.

By 2013, on the verge of its initial public offering, with a new, large-capacity manufacturing facility approaching completion, BioAmber’s marketing needs had evolved. Two distinct target audiences emerged and called for differentiated target marketing strategies. The investment community had to be approached in an optimal fashion to secure financing while the commercial community needed to be effectively sold on BioAmber’s portfolio of renewable chemicals and its impact on downstream applications and supply chains. For these reasons, HTC proposed approaching each audience more strategically and appropriately.
In 2011, HTC was tasked with re-launching BioAmber’s corporate website. At the time, BioAmber’s site simply had to act as an effectively branded general information dissemination vehicle. Facilities were necessary for the publishing of news and press releases by authorized, non-technical, geographically-dispersed staff and management executives. As the company continued to grow throughout the world, new positions became available within the company. BioAmber needed the ability to post job opportunities receive applications with attached résumés directly from its website.

By 2013, HTC updated the corporate website to focus on the investor community. High-Touch developed the site’s sustainability section by analyzing source material, writing content, integrating video, imagery and slideshows, and by building-out a custom Eco-Calculator to measure the impact of using BioAmber’s portfolio of renewable chemicals on the environment. With BioAmber’s IPO, the coordination with Thomson Reuters was necessary to integrate the BioAmber Investor Relations section. For the commercial community, a brand new website was developed to highlight BioAmber’s products and their downstream applications. The new commercial website features bright, bold imagery with engaging and interactive navigation within a fully-responsive interface across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.
Administrator Manager, Media Centre, EasyText Editor, Mailing List Manager, News Manager, Careers Manager, Document Distribution Manager, Boutique Manager, Promotions Manager and Site Statistics.

Since 2008, BioAmber has evolved extensively as a corporate entity and so has its web presence. BioAmber’s two websites cater to two very different target audiences and function in very specific, targeted ways. The corporate BioAmber website provides the information, tools and resources valued by the investment and media relations communities, while the commercial website is an effective commercialization resource that conveys the value of BioAmber’s market offering in an engaging and compelling fashion. With rich functionality consolidated on one platform, modern web 2.0 interfaces, rich branding and professional execution, BioAmber’s web presence is primed for the future.