Site Administration

Website Administration Made Easy
Site administration functions are managed by Administrator Manager - the control center of IgnitionWeb that regulates access to administrative sections, enforces workflow hierarchy and provides server and browser security.

Administrator Manager is included in all IgnitionWeb installations, allowing site management responsibilities to be delegated to a team of people. All site maintenance and user management is browser-based, without any special software requirements. Individual user access privileges can be assigned or restricted using Administrator Manager in accordance to existing company workflow and publishing hierarchies.

Access Privileges MANAGERS have complete authority over the whole site by being granted access to Administrator Manager, where they can create new Administrators and can assign, remove or modify access privileges of any Administrator. For security reasons, a site should have one or two Managers at most.

SUPERVISORS have authority over their own designated areas of the site. They have complete content management authority and can add, modify or delete information and content as well as approve work that is sent to them by numerous Contributors.

CONTRIBUTORS are the most common type of Administrator. With specific or more limited access privileges, Contributors will perform most of the content updates and site maintenance tasks. On collaboration-enabled sites, Contributors can be required to notify a Supervisor for approval before publishing to the site.

• Makes site security management easier
• Allows creation and restriction of access privileges
• Permits site updates while controlling predefined look and feel
• Promotes collaborative workflow
• Empowers non-IT personnel to manage regular updates, improving efficiency and reducing demands on internal resources
• Enables remote collaboration (physical proximity of personnel not required)
• Customizable to your business structure