Veritiv Canada

Veritiv enhances the client experience by improving ordering and delivery processes, boosting site performance, automating system monitoring and simplifying troubleshooting.
Veritiv Canada (formerly Unisource Canada)

Veritiv is Canada’s largest single-source distributor of nearly 50,000 printing, graphic arts, packaging, and facility supply products with annual sales exceeding $1 billion.
Veritiv continues to emphasize the convenience and ease of online ordering in an attempt to drive new and existing business through the Veritiv website that is fully-integrated with their enterprise resource planning system. The e-commerce solution significantly improves Veritiv’s operational efficiency, but more importantly, helps the company to better serve its clients by delivering more value.

As Veritiv and its client base grew with increasing reliance on web technology, optimizations to process, infrastructure and system monitoring were required to improve operational efficiency and maintain the highest standard of service for Veritiv clients.
Standing Order functionality was developed to optimize ordering and delivery processes. Optimal order quantities, predicted lead times and reliably-scheduled deliveries allow clients to hold desired inventory levels and replenish them at regular intervals through automated processing.

Increasing demand on Veritiv systems necessitated upgrades to its server infrastructure. Veritiv migrated to enterprise class web and database servers with full-redundancy and data replication in a load-balanced solution. Doing so allowed Veritiv to boost site performance, reliability and security for its clients.

As Veritiv continues to carry more SKUs and cater to more clients, the complexity of, and demand on, system processes require constant data activity monitoring. An automated monitoring system was implemented to ensure processes are running correctly and that data remains safe and accurate.

Veritiv’s growth and significant amount of users on the system render communication about all user actions next to impossible. In the event of an issue, tracking down the person(s) responsible for a specific action presented a problem. Audit Trails were implemented into Veritiv systems to find resolutions more easily and rapidly, thereby reducing troubleshooting requirements and the associated costs.

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The customizations made in this implementation of updates to Veritiv’s IgnitionWeb installation included: a real-time inventory implementation, a proof of delivery system, enabled credit card processing and live chat customer support.
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Standing Order functionality significantly increased the volume of transactions going through the Veritiv site. The new server infrastructure improved data file processing time by 53%; servers operate at 99.9% uptime and are only down for scheduled maintenance. 24-hour automated monitoring successfully reduced maintenance costs by 66%. Audit Trails contribute to reducing support and troubleshooting costs by efficiently identifying issues and reconciling discrepancies.

The implications of these implementations include significant cost reductions and the facilitation of revenue-generating processes. Quite simply, the Veritiv website is an ever-improving asset to the company directly contributing to its bottom line.