B2B & B2C E-Commerce

As competition increases, businesses are searching for innovative ways to streamline costs while driving revenues. Using integrated online tools, these companies can capture and utilize customer data from the Web in order to build stronger customer relationships, decrease marketing costs, enhance cross- and up-selling opportunities and improve merchandising strategy. Creating an effective online customer experience that is consistent across offline and online sales channels becomes a crucial competitive advantage. IgnitionWeb E-Commerce solutions provide companies with multiple channels to improve marketing opportunities and drive sales figures.
IgnitionWeb can help companies to:
  • Cost-effectively build and promote their brand(s) online
  • Target promotional communications to clients via Web and email
  • Use customer profiles to identify customers for personalized offers or pricing
  • Reduce call centre customer servicing and order fulfillment costs
  • Strengthen and grow customer base by allowing customers to easily order online
  • Integrate with legacy systems to automate order processing
  • Manage product and catalogue updates electronically
  • Increase sales through cross-promotion and up-selling of merchandise