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As the amount of information produced by businesses continues to increase, forward-thinking companies are seeking more intelligent, efficient and secure means to self-manage their online content.
IgnitionWeb Content Management (CMS) Solutions simplify online publishing by providing an easy-to-use, browser-based interface that enables content providers to quickly create or update Web content, without any HTML or FTP-experience required. IgnitionWeb modules are designed to interrelate seamlessly, providing one-step online cross-publishing capabilities. Collaborative workflow features allow delegation of content management duties while controlling the content approval and publishing process. Advanced editing features such as versioning, previewing and rich-text formatting provide users with total publishing control.

As consumers become more experienced and Internet-savvy, businesses are increasingly pressured to ensure that they can deliver information in a manner that is effective, efficient, and engaging. IgnitionWeb CMS solutions provide companies with the tools to effectively manage the development and maintenance of Web content to ensure that information is always accurate and fresh, with a minimal impact on internal resources.

Easy-to-use IgnitionWeb CMS solutions enable the content publishing process to be controlled by users themselves, eliminating the need for IT involvement. Customizable administration and workflow hierarchies allow content management tasks to be securely delegated, while enforcing quality control procedures. Overall source code and layout templates are protected from accidental alteration, ensuring site standards are maintained.

The Internet is an ideal medium through which to cost-effectively tailor content and communications to different target audiences. Online user profiles can be used to promote products based on individual preferences and buying habits or to create a Partner Extranet to which clients can login and view privileged or private information. IgnitionWeb solutions can integrate with CRM or legacy data systems to meet a variety of e-business goals, technical specifications and customer requirements.

Considerable time, effort and resources go into the production and distribution of information on a daily basis, and are often wasted due to inefficient coordination and duplication of efforts. IgnitionWeb CMS solutions are designed to make resources easily accessible online for reuse and distribution as needed, simplifying content management and communications while reducing production costs.

IgnitionWeb Advantages
  • Deliver important information and critical updates quickly – save on printing, publishing and communications costs.
  • Content development and publishing is made more efficient and cost-effective by eliminating the need for IT support.
  • Collaborative workflow management allows site responsibilities to be delegated.
  • Quick and easy front-end text editing capabilities.
  • Brand Asset Management capabilities ensure that digital assets are centralized and corporate identity standards are followed.
  • Visitors benefit from personalized content and communications* increasing customer sales and satisfaction.
  • Display your Products and Services catalogue online and reach new customers through e-commerce.
  • Reduce traditional customer service costs while improving the efficiency and the range of services offered.
  • Easy-to-use Content Management tools, customized to your business.
  • Intuitive and powerful search capabilities for an enhanced user experience

* In conjunction with IgnitionWeb Customer Relationship Management tools

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