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As clients rely increasingly on the Internet for ease of access to information, businesses are in fierce competition to own the customer relationship. Hoping to increase revenues by winning over these relationships, more and more businesses are positioning themselves as a one-stop resource for their clients. Innovative companies are using the Web as a cost-effective communications channel, leveraging online self-service features to reduce customer service costs while improving services offered. To build customer loyalty, these companies are integrating CRM tools designed to identify high value customers, establish service and support enhancements, and better target marketing communications. IgnitionWeb content and customer relationship management solutions serve to streamline business operations while enhancing relationships with clients and partners.
IgnitionWeb can help companies to:
  • Enable up-to-the minute communications with clients via Web and email
  • Use customer profiles to identify customers for personalized service or communications
  • Send important news and updates directly to clients’ inboxes
  • Enhance customer self-service features (e.g. track & trace)
  • Automate daily content management tasks
  • Reduce operational costs (printing, mailing, customer service, IT, site maintenance)
  • Strengthen and grow customer base by actively promoting featured services
  • Easily manage content updates by delegating responsibilities to a team of people