Do you have the Touch?

High-Touch Communications has a passion for the cutting edge. We are constantly looking for ambitious new talent to help us reach for higher ground. 

At HTC, we create success as a team. Whether our project is Web Development, Branding or Design, our results-driven attitude ensures that we work together to deliver the best results possible.

We thrive on the talent of our team. This is why we are committed to building an environment that fosters growth. Our ideal downtown location, loft-like office space, and state-of-the-art technology provide an atmosphere that is ideal for creative young professionals.

We are passionate about our work-hard play-hard mentality. To encourage a work-life balance, the HTC team enjoys several company traditions, including (the increasingly competitive) Guitar-Hero Thursdays, and our beloved Beer Fridays. 

Take a look at our job openings below. If you think you have what it takes, fill out an Application Form!

PHP Programmer / Web Integrator (Intermediate)
(5+ Yrs Experience Required)

You are a PHP Programmer / Web Integrator who wants to reach beyond the average to deliver first-rate, CMS-integrated websites and Web applications that are as elegant as they are functional.

Ideal Candidate
You are passionate about the possibilities of the Internet as a medium, and about your role in building innovative solutions and finding the right way around every obstacle. You have the voice of a strong leader, but the spirit of a great collaborator. You care as much about your code as you do about usability, you think as much about where technology is going as where it is now, and you strive to make a difference with every project. You have a pixel-perfect approach to interface work, building page templates that conform exactly to designer layouts and specs. You are keen to dive into legacy code bases and technologies, developing incremental improvements and optimizations by stripping away old code, while building out new features that are vital to our clients’ success.
You will create, integrate and document complex web-based applications in PHP and MySQL following established standards and methodologies, primarily in a Linux environment. You will be responsible for fully documenting your work both in the code (following the phpDoc format) and, where necessary, in technical and user documentation manuals. Your code should respect the established style guidelines (PSR-1, PSR-2 for PHP), follow the DRY and KISS principles and be organized in a modern OOP manner.
Need-to-have Qualifications
  • You have experience in assessing functional project requirements and interpreting them into technical development projects.
  • You must be able to gather client requirements to translate into detailed project plans that meet budgets and deadlines.
  • You must have the ability to work with heterogeneous data provided in different formats and find solutions to process it.
  • You must be comfortable working at all levels of the web stack, from PHP and MySQL to the front-end with HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Experience with dependency management tools (composer, npm, bower) would be a great bonus
  • You are strong at writing and optimizing SQL queries, as well as designing and optimizing SQL database schemas.
  • You have experience with version control (e.g. Git, Subversion, etc).
  • You are dedicated to delivering projects within time requirements while adhering to established quality and documentation standards.
  • You have very strong troubleshooting skills, and you must be able to deal with unexpected failures promptly, efficiently and effectively
  • You must have a strong understanding of the factors affecting Web application performance, both on the front end and on the backend, and you must be able to balance performance with modularity and maintainability, quickly identify performance bottlenecks and apply optimizations as needed.
  • You must have experience developing PHP sites running under Apache for Linux.
  • Your integration work is impeccable, designers love working with you because of your keen eye for detail and faithfully built interfaces.
  • You have experience with Redmine and/or Trac
  • You must have a general understanding of cross-platform, cross-browser compatibility issues.
  • Experience with electronic commerce transaction processing
  • Experience with MVC frameworks (e.g. CakePHP, Zend, Symfony, Laravel) and/or Object-Relational Mapping (such as Doctrine)
  • Experience with front-end development with JavaScript frameworks (e.g. jQuery, Angular, React or Vue.js) as well as ES6 features
  • Experience with CSS pre-processors (Less and/or Sass) and frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.)
  • Experience with Web services (SOAP and/or REST)
  • Experience with languages/environments other than PHP (e.g. Java, C#, Python, Ruby)
  • Experience with Elasticsearch
  • You should not be afraid to troubleshoot, fix and sometimes upgrade legacy code
Personal Qualities
If you are going to succeed with us, you need to be a:
  • Mature, hard working, career-oriented and motivated professional
  • Producer of great work
  • Team player
  • Strong communicator
  • Efficient coder
  • Quick learner
  • Breeze to get along with
  • Keen follower of current web and tech trends
About Us
Specializing in customized web solutions, HTC is committed to excellence in branding, web design and software development. Built on the strength of our IgnitionWeb internet marketing platform, High-Touch has helped countless clients to inform, promote and transact online. We deliver top-tier web assets that empower companies to easily manage their online properties, execute their marketing strategies and meet their business objectives through a sophisticated yet intuitive interface.
Located in Montreal's vibrant Quartier des Spectacles, HTC has been one of Canada's leading design and software development companies delivering results-driven solutions through our unrivaled combination of professional design, marketing expertise, and technical proficiency.