Veritiv Canada

Veritiv's new IgnitionWeb e-business platform improves online CRM capabilities while reducing customer service and transaction costs.

Veritiv Canada (formerly Unisource Canada)

Veritiv's largest single-source distributor of over 80,000 printing, graphic arts, packaging and facility supply products with annual sales exceeding one billion dollars.

Veritiv had become the largest single-source distributor in Canada through mergers and acquisitions, but was not perceived as being a "one-stop" solution to their key clients and markets. HTC built a corporate Web site on the theme "One Company, One Source" to demonstrate the universal demand for Veritiv products.

Veritiv wanted a new way to build and promote their business over the Internet. HTC developed a dynamically managed IgnitionWeb platform that acquires, grows and retains customers while reducing the costs of servicing and selling to them.

Administration Manager, Mailing List Manager, News Manager, Poll Manager, Careers Manager, Site Statistics and Search Tools

A new sales platform and ordering system integrated with legacy system integration to improve their CRM and overall efficiency.

Tools & Resources Manager, Membership Manager (customized), Data Manager (for CRM reporting)

Veritiv has become a part of their customers' daily lives with increased communication and services, and a decrease in distribution and sales costs. This was primarily achieved by converting information distribution from print to Web and order taking from manual to automated.

In addition, existing legacy systems were integrated into the new Web-based e-business model minimizing the changes in internal processes and the need for new hardware and software. The extent and ease-of-use of the ordering system also helps to lock customers into long-term relationships. The final result allows for total-ownership of customers at a lower cost in servicing them.