Business Benefits

IgnitionWeb Solutions Produce Tangible Business Benefits


  • Reduce traditional customer service costs by offering online functionality and availability of information 24/7
  • Reduce printing, publishing and communications costs by delivering news, information and updates electronically
  • Reduce IT costs for site maintenance by allowing non-technical people to collaborate and update content
  • Reduce investment required for custom CMS and CRM solutions by using IgnitionWeb’s customizable suite of Web tools
  • Reduce time to find frequently-used documents and files through Media Centre’s Brand Asset Management features

  • Provide personalized communications and content based on customer preferences
  • Make privileged content such as order status, pricing information or technical documentation accessible to authorized users
  • Collect customer feedback, perform online market research and buying pattern analysis to better serve your customers
  • Reward valued or targeted customers by providing customized offers or incentives
  • Expand your client base and serve customers online at their convenience