Mailing List Manager

Create profiled mailing lists for permission-based marketing campaigns and communicate one-on-one with your customer base.
Put e-marketing capabilities in your marketers’ hands with a professional email tool created to leverage the power of Web-based communications to increase response rates, decrease campaign timelines and track recipient behaviour, while minimizing the costs and resources required.

All mailings are permission-based with subscribe/unsubscribe options managed by the recipients themselves. Frequently-used Subscriber profile criteria can be bookmarked to create instant recipient lists at the time of mailing.

Advanced composition options accommodate novice users to Web professionals, and everyone in between. Custom template options give campaigns a distinct or standardized look. Messages may be composed using an intuitive and powerful “What You See is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) rich-text editor, HTML code, or by uploading a compressed archive of Web files. Built-in “auto-text” options allow the message content to be personalized for each recipient.

Detailed real-time message response statistics indicate the number of successful deliveries, and recipient open and click-through rates, reported on an individual recipient basis.

In co-ordination with Membership Manager, Poll Manager and Boutique Manager, create a real-time CRM reporting tool that enables you to capture and track customer data. Use test campaigns or control groups, demographic profiling, customer interests, purchase histories or current order status, in addition to survey responses and profile criteria to identify and target your most profitable audiences.


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