Customer Relationship Management

CRM Solutions
With an increasing number of competitors vying for your client base, becoming more customer-centric is the key to building and sustaining customer loyalty. Gaining insight into what your customers are doing and what information they are seeking will enable you to react quickly to customer requests and anticipate future needs.
IgnitionWeb Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions help businesses to manage online marketing, sales, and customer service initiatives. Maximize return on relationships by improving the efficiency and the range of services offered, while reducing traditional customer service and support costs. Online customer-managed profiles provide real-time business intelligence with minimal resource requirements. Capitalize on the potential of each customer interaction to personalize or enhance the customer experience and build consumer loyalty for bottom-line ROI benefits.

Online initiatives can improve customer service and support from both a cost and quality perspective. IgnitionWeb CRM solutions make it easy to update online Customer Support content such as FAQs, White Papers or Download areas with minimum infrastructure or resource requirements. Build stronger customer relationships more cost-effectively through multiple online channels.

IgnitionWeb CRM solutions make it possible for companies to create personalized customer interactions that enhance brand loyalty and entice customers to provide more information about themselves. Provide valued customers with personalized promotional offers that increase revenue potential while improving customer satisfaction.

IgnitionWeb CRM solutions can manage a central customer database which can be analyzed to identify opportunities for new market penetration, revenue generation, and cost reduction. Gather customer information from all points of interaction and leverage that information to target marketing and merchandising resources towards the most profitable customers, while actively working to turn low-value customers into high-value customers.

With an IgnitionWeb CRM solution in place, utilize profiled customer data concerning preferences, order histories, and transaction patterns to maximize up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Develop one-to-one marketing campaigns by personalizing customer communications based on a group or individual profile to drive sales results and positively impact the bottom line.

IgnitionWeb Advantages
  • Identify visitors and provide access to personalized or privileged content, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Create an online partner support or exchange network where users can log in to check order status, request quotes and download upgrades or technical specifications.
  • Send and track personalized email messages using profiled Subscriber lists and campaigns.
  • Reduce traditional customer service and support costs while improving the efficiency and range of services offered.
  • Make important information and updates quickly accessible by download – save on printing, publishing and communications costs.
  • Collaborative workflow management allows customer relationship responsibilities to be delegated.
  • Collect customer feedback and perform online market research.
  • Increase sales through targeted cross-selling or personalized promotional offers.
  • Analyze your website traffic and consumer buying patterns.
  • Easy-to-use CRM tools, customized to your business.

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