E-Business Strategy & Methodology
No successful e-business initiative can get underway without a solid strategy and a sharp, analytical approach to problem-solving to back it up. This is where we excel. We have meticulously built our IgnitionWeb solutions around a comprehensive suite of services that provide our customers with a meticulous analysis and strategy package as well as a detailed project production and implementation methodology.
All projects start with a discovery phase to ensure the right plan is created to meet your unique requirements. We become experts in your company and your industry, understanding your markets, needs and goals to create the right implementation, marketing and e-business strategy to produce bottom-line business benefits.

We perform a detailed analysis to determine the potential implications of the e-business initiative on your company. This includes:

a projected-value assessment to determine the financial demands vs. expected ROI;
a technical assessment to examine the company's existing legacy systems and resources;
a communications assessment to determine the impact on your internal administrative, human resources, and marketing personnel.

We then determine the IgnitionWeb modules to implement and the customization required.

Your online business strategy and information architecture are intrinsically related. Web sites, extranets, and intranets play key roles in defining relationships between a company and its customers, investors, suppliers, and employees. The structure, organization and clear presentation of content within these sites is critical to your success. We live by the “one-click” philosophy – making all important information easily accessible by the end user within one click of the main page.