Cedars Cancer Foundation

Cedars Remains Top-of-Mind with IgnitionWeb.

Cedars Cancer Foundation

Cedars is a non-profit organization aiming to improve the lives of cancer sufferers and their loved ones through their diverse research, patient care, and cancer education programs.

As they depend on donations and the time and effort of their dedicated volunteers to provide their services, keeping Cedars’ worthy cause top-of-mind is always a priority. Increasing the frequency of Cedars’ site updates will maintain public awareness of their message, mission, and accomplishments while enhancing their fundraising efforts.

Cedars wanted to raise their public profile and promote their events by redesigning their website and expanding their IgnitionWeb back-end for added features. HTC aimed to maximize the impact of the Cedars homepage with dynamically-updated content to promote current events, peer-to-peer fundraisers, achievements and initiatives. Search engine optimization and a greater emphasis on online donations will help keep Cedars moving towards their goals.

Administrator Manager, Media Centre, EasyText Editor, Membership Manager, Mailing List Manager, News Manager, Calendar Manager, Promotions Manager, Gallery Manager, Donations Manager, Fundraiser Manager, Site Statistics, and Search Tools.

HTC created two new modules tailored specifically to the needs of the Institute. Donations Manager allows Cedars to easily and securely administer donations, gifts, memorials, and honorariums made through their fully transactional site. In addition, Fundraiser Manager gives them the ability to create, archive, and reactivate important fundraising events and activities. Online registration and payment for their Golf Tournaments, Dragon Boat Races, Raffles, peer-to-peer fundraisers and cycling events are easily managed in the back-end.

Promotions Manager, Donations Manager, Fundraiser Manager

Cedars has experienced increased online donations and fundraising revenue while decreasing their site maintenance costs. In addition, more efficient and targeted communications with organizers, volunteers, participants, and supporters through the IgnitionWeb Mailing List and Fundraiser Managers, have lowered overall communications and marketing costs while increasing recruitment.