Licensing Program

Licensing Program
The IgnitionWeb Licensing Program was introduced in January 2004 to simplify site maintenance and software upgradeability by ensuring that all installations run the latest release of the software. The intent is to ensure your website remains feature-rich, problem-free and performance-optimized, while contributing to the on-going development of the IgnitionWeb platform, all at a fixed monthly price.
Improvement Categories: Features, Performance, Security & Documentation
The improvements offered in the IgnitionWeb licensing program are classified into four main categories:

1. Feature Updates
Feature Updates are valued additions to existing IgnitionWeb Managers that either add functionality, improve performance or simplify the use of the Manager.

2. Performance Enhancements
Performance Enhancements are responsive solutions for issues that may limit the optimal performance of an IgnitionWeb Manager and/or tweaks that improve the stability of the IgnitionWeb platform.

3. Security Fixes
Security Fixes are pro-active solutions to evolving security issues that may affect the IgnitionWeb platform.

4. Documentation Improvements
We constantly review our help and technical documentation files to improve upon clarity and to ensure they keep pace with feature and version changes.

IgnitionWeb Core Code and Client Customizations
IgnitionWeb is a computing platform that consists of a body of core programming code that is common to all installations. On top of the core code, we apply additional programming code to meet the customized needs of specific client installations. The core code in each module is separate from the customizations so it remains independent and updateable. The licensing fees include all applicable work performed on the core code. Since the customizations are dependent on the core, changes to the core code may affect the customized code. The licensing fees do not include the work that may be required to make the customized code compatible with the core code changes.

Updates vs. Upgrades
The IgnitionWeb licensing program includes updates to existing features, but does not include new upgrades. Feature updates add usefulness to existing features and may increment the IgnitionWeb version by a decimal. Feature upgrades, which are more complex in terms of both development and installation, are not included in the licensing program and will be offered separately.

Term & Schedule
The IgnitionWeb licensing term follows the calendar year, from January to December. Updates, enhancements, fixes and improvements may occur throughout the year. The program may be changed without notice. Clients may terminate their IgnitionWeb License Program with one-hundred-eighty (180) days written notice.

We have implemented a simplified, fixed-price system of $175 per month per IgnitionWeb Manager. The fees are not intended to represent the individual IgnitionWeb managers that are installed, but rather a fee that is representative of the user’s commitment to the IgnitionWeb platform. Our experience shows that improvements to the platform eventually benefits all users, regardless of the Managers they have installed.