Media & Communications

Media, entertainment and communications companies can now explore new strategies for generating additional revenues from media assets. In marketing their brand across a wide spectrum of traditional and new media, both advertisers and media companies can maximize audience impressions and help to drive viewer traffic by utilizing complimentary channels such as Web and email. IgnitionWeb e-marketing and communications solutions help companies to achieve better ROI for marketing their efforts by reaching a greater, more receptive audience in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
IgnitionWeb can help companies to:
  • Enhance branded communications with target audiences via Web and email
  • Use profiled email lists to run permission-based marketing campaigns
  • Promote programming and events
  • Automate daily content management tasks
  • Manage banners and online promotions or advertising
  • Promote a partner or affiliate network to improve return on marketing efforts
  • Easily manage content updates by delegating responsibilities to a team of people
  • Centralize files and media for ease of reuse and distribution