Calendar Manager

Interactive calendar-based interface to organize and promote upcoming events and activities
Give visitors a quick and easy-to-read overview of upcoming activities, with the ability to search using specific event criteria. Calendar Manager enables you to add, edit or delete calendar items such as social events, important dates, meetings and activities. Events may be added using “What You See is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) rich-text formatting (RTF) and may be previewed online to ensure proper display before publishing.

Calendar items may be grouped in pre-customized categories (e.g. Conferences, Social, Networking, etc.) for faster searching. Each calendar item may consist of a short title, a category type, a detailed description and inline images, when applicable. Using the interactive calendar interface, visitors can then either view future (and past) listings of Calendar items by month, by specific date or by category. In addition, many implementations include an automated registration process allowing Administrators to set capacities and prices per event. Front-end users can register for events on the website, completing online transactions where payment is required.


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Calendar Manager Screenshots

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