Technical Specifications

IgnitionWeb is Standards-based
IgnitionWeb does not rely on external licensed technology, which is often difficult and expensive to maintain. Being standards-based allows HTC to deliver custom solutions faster and at a lower cost than comparable offerings. As a site Administrator, this gives you more flexibility when choosing the type of hardware you would like to use to run IgnitionWeb. It also means that almost anyone with a Web browser and an Internet connection can use IgnitionWeb to manage their websites whenever they want, as often as they want.
We use the industry-standard, open source Apache Web server, which powers over 50% of websites worldwide, making it more widely used than all other Web servers combined. It has been the most popular Web server on the Internet since April 1996.

IgnitionWeb is compatible with Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. Because IgnitionWeb makes efficient use of server resources, high-end hardware is not required for most sites, thus reducing deployment and maintenance costs.

IgnitionWeb is a convenient web-based application that works best using Internet Explorer 9+ and the latest versions of Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

IgnitionWeb uses PHP, an open source server-side language that is developed and supported by a large community of dedicated individuals worldwide. It is full-featured, supporting everything from XML and object-oriented programming to integration with Java and COM objects. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, WordPress, Wikipedia,, CBS, Unilever, Air Canada, NASA, Ericsson, Volvo, Deutsche Bank, RedHat, Motorola, Sony Music, IBM, CapitalOne and the New York Yankees use PHP.

IgnitionWeb uses MySQL, the most popular open source database server in the world, with more than 4 million installations powering websites, data warehouses, business applications, logging systems and more. Companies such as Yahoo! Finance,, Motorola, NASA, Silicon Graphics, IBM and Texas Instruments use the MySQL server in mission-critical applications.

IgnitionWeb was built from the ground up to be a Web-native application, so implementing a stringent security model with a well-tested, secure architecture was very important. The core of IgnitionWeb not only provides fine-grained control over who can make content changes to specific sections of your website, but it also keeps out intruders who could wreak havoc on your assets. IgnitionWeb also includes virus scanning for user and administrator file uploads in order to protect your accounts, web properties and digital assets from wide-scale invasions of viruses, Trojans and other malicious software.

IgnitionWeb has been written to incorporate code that is extremely robust, easy to maintain and provides an architecture that is highly customizable and scalable to your organization’s needs. IgnitionWeb represents over 25,000 person hours of development and over 200 years of collective experience developing Web applications.

IgnitionWeb modules are interconnected, yet independent, allowing you to start with a small installation and rapidly add modules as your needs evolve.

The architecture of IgnitionWeb is flexible and extensible, offering the possibility of direct integration with your organization’s existing infrastructure, workflows and third-party applications and databases.

See our server specifications.