LEESTA Industries

LEESTA Industries’ refreshed website drives recruitment program and branding efforts
LEESTA Industries designs and manufactures parts, components and assemblies for the commercial aerospace and defense markets. Since its foundation in 1964, LEESTA has upheld its tradition of manufacturing excellence and superior service. The company specializes in machining complex, high-precision components for jet engine and landing gear customers.

From their first Swiss-made machine to the 36,000 square-feet of cutting-edge technology they operate today, their philosophy of “always find the best tool for the job” has ensured the highest quality products and fostered valuable client relationships.

In 2011, HTC positioned LEESTA as an innovative aerospace leader, synonymous with high-precision, high-quality component and assembly manufacturing. Large, prominent photographs of LEESTA’s intricate parts and products placed throughout the site work in tandem with messaging that outlines the company’s unique selling propositions. The intent was to create a romantic appreciation for the craftsmanship, precision, and innovative process that defines LEESTA’s manufacturing advantages.
In 2015, LEESTA was awarded a $300 million contract which meant an expansion of their workforce by hiring 50 highly-skilled employees in a 24-month period. In 2016, HTC was tasked with re-positioning LEESTA as a best-of-breed employer in order to attract top-tier talent from around the world for a hiring campaign that will span over two years. The intent was to demonstrate the value and benefits of working at LEESTA while painting a picture of a working environment that has a culture of support and inclusiveness. A new slogan, ‘Together, we soar.’, was created and photos of the LEESTA team were placed throughout the site to help showcase this culture.

In 2011, HTC was tasked with developing LEESTA’s corporate website. The website needed to act as a branded showcase for the company and its precision products. LEESTA also needed the site to serve as a recruitment tool with the ability to post job opportunities and receive applications and résumés. Furthermore, the site required a distinct design with its own branded aesthetic to promote Staub Reels, LEESTA's division which manufactures and sells premium, precision-quality fly-fishing reels.
In 2016, HTC updated the website with a fresh new look, an eye-catching layout, bold imagery and updated content. The site was also made fully responsive across all mobile devices, which features an intuitive navigation menu and elegant design. The site’s careers section was expanded to help demonstrate the attractiveness of working for LEESTA. Potential candidates now found it easier to apply and could find local information, nearby attractions and testimonials from current employees. Administrators were also finding the right candidates easier with added tools in Careers Manager that made searching and organizing CVs simpler than before. Job postings themselves were re-written with more description and details to make them easier to find via search engines and to be more inviting for potential candidates.

Administrator Manager, Media Centre, EasyText Editor, Careers Manager and Site Statistics

HTC tailored Careers Manager to make finding the perfect candidate that much easier. A powerful customized search feature was added to allow administrators to search user-submitted CV file contents and have the results displayed in order of relevance. Functionality was also added to allow CV files to be exported with ease. Job application states were simplified to improve organization and clarity and a job submission rating filter was implemented to allow administrators to filter job submissions by pre-defined ratings.

LEESTA now boasts a best-of-breed website that matches the quality in excellence that they offer. With the modernized updates, LEESTA is attracting more quality applicants while candidates are finding the application process simpler. And thanks to some strategic search engine-optimization, job postings are more visible and easier to find across search engines. The updated back-end, with the ability to easily filter and manage submitted applications, has saved management a lot of time and made life easier for administrators to process candidates and hire the right people.