St. Mary’s Hospital Center

St. Mary’s Hospital Center (SMHC) brings its web presence in-line with their cutting-edge research and superior patient care while enhancing internal processes.

St. Mary’s Hospital Center is one of Montreal’s leading research and patient-care facilities with a proud heritage of serving its multi-cultural community for over 90 years.  Located in the Côte-des-Neiges Notre-Dame-de-Grace borough of Montreal, with 271 adult beds, SMHC is officially designated as a McGill University-affiliated teaching hospital.  Through its teaching mission, SMHC helps to train physicians, nurses and a variety of other healthcare professionals in various disciplines in order to maintain the quality of care offered to the present generation and those to come.

The SMHC brand was in need of rejuvenation in order to effectively communicate the hospital's world-class professionalism, quality care, research studies and commitment to its diverse community. A prestigious, professional, inviting identity was created online such that SMHC could effectively connect and forge relationships with stakeholders and the Montreal community.

SMHC enlisted HTC to help them grow community relationships, strengthen the SMHC brand and inform stakeholders about new initiatives.  An entirely new website was created on the IgnitionWeb platform that brings both functionality and presentation to new heights. Leveraging existing functionality, SMHC capitalized on IgnitionWeb’s scalability by integrating a secure extranet for the dissemination of sensitive documents among VP’s, board and committee members.

Administrator Manager, Content Status Manager, Media Centre, EasyText Editor, Mailing List Manager, News & Research Manager, Library Manager, Calendar Manager, FAQ & Fact Manager, Membership Manager, Extranet Document Manager, Site Statistics and Search Tools.

HTC thoroughly re-vamped News Manager; SMHC can now designate specific articles as "Featured" on the website Home Page, categorize text items based on content type, and assign time-sensitive articles to a newly-developed "Breaking News" panel. Library Manager was customized to allow for easy editing of each page on the entire site. The ability to tag and filter by recipient interests was included in Mailing List Manager for targeted communications. Membership Manager was customized for the definition of user types governing document access privileges. And finally, Extranet Document Manager was created to manage the secure document delivery system that allows for the creation of file categories, and the filtering, archiving and flagging of documents.

Collectively, the enhancements now give SMHC complete control and greater flexibility over their information architecture, content and communications. Pertinent information is disseminated to the suitable parties and accessibility to valuable information has been greatly enhanced. The SMHC brand now has a clear identity that reflects their standards of quality and commitment to research and teaching, thereby facilitating stakeholder and community engagement. Additionally, internal processes for disseminating board meeting documentation have greatly been simplified. The secure document delivery system effectively resolves the distribution, organization, presentation, tracking, privacy and technical issues associated with the dissemination of large files prior to any meeting. SMHC has received considerable positive feedback, greatly improved its image and processes, and is pleased with HTC’s solution.