Careers Manager

Manage job postings and review online applications with a priority rating system.
Instead of placing expensive postings on careers sites or announcements in newspapers, simply place a small ad with a URL link to your website for details. Careers Manager’s Jobs Administration allows you to manage your own online job postings. They are added using “What You See is What You Get” (WYSISWYG) rich-text formatting (RTF) and may be previewed online to ensure proper display before publishing. National and global organizations can organize careers postings according to location, while applicants browse job descriptions and apply directly for the referenced position. A customized confirmation message lets them know automatically that their application has been received.

Simplify the recruitment process with Submissions Administration. Create an online application form with mandatory fields to be completed so that HR personnel can quickly evaluate submissions and classify them with a priority rating for forwarding to the appropriate department. Reduce time spent reviewing paper applications and fielding telephone inquiries. Find future employees faster with a ready database of submitted applications and CVs that can be easily searched. Using advanced search functionality that searches all user-submitted CV file contents, results get displayed in order of relevance with highlighted query keywords making it easier to find ideal candidates.


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