Organizations & Associations

Typically, associations need to provide events listings, networking and communications opportunities, and avenues of support to their members. The goal is to provide these services as cost-effectively as possible, while extensively promoting their benefits to increase membership levels. And as many associations and organizations rely heavily on volunteer and part-time staff, a de-centralized management and collaboration-enabled structure to allow various people to manage different duties and responsibilities is essential. IgnitionWeb online communication solutions provide multiple tools for streamlining workflow and decreasing costs.
IgnitionWeb can help your association or organization to:
  • Enhance member communications via Web and email
  • Send personalized email messages using an opt-in subscriber list
  • Allow members to self-manage their profiles online
  • Promote events and membership benefits
  • Automate administrative tasks with online registration and payment-processing
  • Promote a partner or sponsor network to improve return on marketing investment
  • Reduce publishing and information distribution costs
  • Easily manage content updates by delegating responsibilities to a team of people