Media Centre

Enforce corporate and brand identity standards by controlling access and usage of centralized digital assets.
Media Centre Brand Asset Management enables businesses to enforce communication and content standards by creating a central online repository of digital files that can be categorized for easy retrieval, repurposing and reuse. Sales or promotional material, documents, logos, layouts, photos, animations and media clips can be instantly delivered anywhere, whenever they are needed.

The Media Centre integrates seamlessly into online publishing modules such as News Manager, Library Manager, Calendar Manager, Document Distribution Manager and FAQ Manager, allowing Administrators to select items from the Media Centre repository or to upload and categorize their own content. The Media Centre interface also features the ability to preview online images and to add descriptive captions or usage guidelines. Modifications include instant Web-optimization and formatting options, thumbnail generation, watermarking and automatic image resizing.

With centralized files that can be securely stored and shared online, Media Centre facilitates remote access and collaboration between distant users by providing access to material from home or on the road.


News Manager
Library Manager
Calendar Manager
Document Distribution Manager
FAQ Manager
Boutique Manager
Gallery Manager
Promotions Manager
Mailing List Manager

Media Centre Screenshots

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