Traffic Tech

Traffic Tech introduces super-powered new branding with IgnitionWeb-powered website
Traffic Tech is an international logistics and transport company with a mission to continually set the standard in their market segment by optimizing flexibility, accountability, ingenuity and tenacity. Their vision to become a global leader in the professional freight solutions industry is supported by their execution of powerful, reliable, resourceful full-service logistics solutions. Consistent innovation of processes and support systems have established Traffic Tech as a logistics technology leader that delivers the extraordinary, every time.

High-Touch positioned Traffic Tech as a super-powered logistics brokers with inspired employees that are invested in ensuring clients receive the most innovative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions possible. Throughout the Traffic Tech website, subtle super-hero imagery works in tandem with traditional corporate aesthetic to convey the company’s professionalism, dedication and reliability. Consistent with this theme is messaging that emphasizes the benefits of working with “powerful” and “superlative” logistics superheroes. The result is a brand identity that translates Traffic Tech’s belief that empowered employees provide superior service.

With 33 offices around the globe, and remarkable growth over the past decade, the company needed a website that mirrored its strength and unrelenting momentum. High-Touch embraced the challenge and created a bold website with a modern web 2.0 design featuring impactful visuals and messaging. The home page introduces Traffic Tech’s bold new “super” positioning that effectively communicates the company’s culture of commitment, determination, and dedication to superior service. To facilitate Traffic Tech’s growing international recruiting requirements, customizations were made to IgnitionWeb’s Careers Manager that allows individual job postings to be listed in multiple locations. The new website also provides an optimal user experience. Calls-to-action and traffic funnels target individual audiences and direct them to the appropriate content, allowing users to easily access items most relevant to them. Additionally, a simplified main navigation makes it easy to navigate through the site and find sought information and functionality. Finally, the website was developed to be entirely responsive for optimal usability across all platforms and devices. 

Administrator Manager, Media Centre, EasyText Editor, Mailing List Manager, News Manager, Careers Manager and Site Statistics

Traffic Tech’s new site is brimming with valuable features. The home page boasts dynamic new elements including an engaging video. A News & Events box allows visitors to easily view the latest Traffic Tech news. Beside it, a Career Opportunities interface enables job seekers to effortlessly access jobs of interest. The website also integrates a Twitter feed that is available throughout the site. Familiar Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube buttons are ever-present and tie together all of Traffic Tech’s web properties. Bringing social media to the forefront of the site allows visitors to easily communicate with the company, disseminate its content, and follow all relevant updates and events.

Traffic Tech’s new website has empowered the company to position itself as an industry leader: a team that is hard working and dependable, while also fun and exciting. We invite you to explore the new site and enjoy all the exciting new features!