3Macs Launches MacDougall Investment Counsel Website

MacDougall, MacDougall & MacTier add new asset with new web property.
MacDougall Investment Counsel Inc.Operating as the investment counselling arm of MacDougall, MacDougall & MacTier (3Macs) since 2003, The MacDougall Investment Counsel (MIC) needed an autonomous information resource with the same sleek and sophisticated branding that inspires trust and confidence among 3Macs investors. In 2004, HTC helped 3Macs to connect with their clientele by providing an information-rich, carefully-branded web property that highlighted 3Macs’ prestige and commitment to superior service as one of Canada’s oldest, most-reliable independent investment firms. 
In 2008, 3Macs commemorated their 150th anniversary by scaling-up their IgnitionWeb internet marketing installation with new, customized and innovative client & user tools, seamless third-party integrations, and a bevy of robust, easy-to-use functionality that helps the firm manage its content, better-serve clients and optimize marketing efforts. Today, MIC is benefitting from the extensible nature of IgnitionWeb by launching an entirely new site that retains the familiar functionality and enduring, compelling branding that has been so valuable to 3Macs over the past several years.

By leveraging existing design and development, MIC was able to capitalize on the equity surrounding the 3Macs brand in a timely and cost-effective fashion. Using templated designs, identical colouring, similar graphics and the same back-end content & digital asset management system greatly simplified the requirements for the MIC website project while deriving the added-value of positive brand association with 3Macs.

With the new MIC website, rich, detailed and promotional content pertaining to discretionary investment for individuals, private corporations and foundations is now easily accessible. Conscious of the value in transparency, the MIC team is featured along with essential service information, quarterly report documentation and relevant legal information. The new MIC site is already an important new asset in the 3Macs promotional portfolio that will continue to pay-out dividends to the firm and its current and growing number of prospective investors.