Proudly announcing HourGlass version 3.5

With over a dozen updates in the form of new features and enhancements, our easy-to-use time & expense tracking, project management and reporting suite is more powerful and robust than ever before.
v3.5 Highlights
We've added two new reports and an additional cost calculation method in order to provide more valuable and versatile information to our administrative users. Project budgets may now be entered and tracked for enhanced reporting and project management. The hourly costs of an employee can be included in their employee profiles; reports generated with this data provide a new gauge for project profitability. For more information about the latest HourGlass updates, please consult the What's New page and the version 3.5 Release Notes.

New Quick-access HourGlass Demo
We've also made HourGlass easier to try! We've set-up an HourGlass Demo with five user accounts and it's pre-populated with data so that your colleagues, friends and general public can experience the entire application as it was intended. The fictitious Acme Corporation makes good use of HourGlass; we encourage you login to a demo account and see how information flows; you may get some new ideas on how to better use the application.