Announcing IgnitionWeb 3.11

HTC has announced the release of IgnitionWeb 3.11, the latest upgrade to the award-winning Internet marketing platform that empowers you to Inform, Promote and Transact online.

Major Improvements in Productivity, Usability & Accountability

HTC is proud to announce the release of IgnitionWeb 3.11, offering even more powerful and flexible solutions for your business needs. With 41 improvements, this update raises the bar once again. Whether you use IgnitionWeb to Inform, Promote or Transact online, you are sure to benefit from the feature-rich updates of v 3.11.


Friendlier and Faster User Experience in Media Centre

The user experience, for both our customers and their stakeholders, is paramount. As our client base and the number of digital assets it collects continue to grow, so does the need for faster and more intuitive management of rich media, graphics and documentation. As a core Manager included in all our clients' installations, the heart of the 3.11 update consisted of making it easier to add, categorize, move and locate specific files in an interface that continues to be simple and familiar to our user base. Adding drag-and-drop, batch action, tree view and other new functionality, has rendered Media Centre a much friendlier environment in which digital media is managed.

Elevating Mailing List Manager

Mailing List Manager received significant attention in the 3.11 update as well. HTC focused on usability once again while making the Manager more flexible and robust. Code was optimized to enhance the tracking of valuable metrics and click-through data. Anchor link coding was optimized to prevent spam-flagging by recipient email clients. Further usability improvements were made in an effort to retain zip-format mailings across steps in the message creation process. Users were also given the ability to customize their own unsubscribe messaging in the language(s) of their choosing. Unsubscribe functionality has always been included to be compliant with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation and Bill C-28.

Google: A Powerful Partner for Site Statistics

Savvy strategists and marketers turn to statistics and hard factual data to create the basis for informed decision-making. As businesses are getting more scientific about how budgets are allocated to specific areas and initiatives, it becomes increasingly important to obtain rich, relevant and actionable information from web properties and the interactions visitors have with them. HTC saw the need to move beyond traditional data warehousing and reporting and decided to provide its IgnitionWeb users with richer, more reliable, real-time analytics by partnering with Google. By integrating Google Analytics into IgnitionWeb's Site Statistics, administrators have access to more granular metrics to help them better-understand their user base and the effectiveness of their websites.

Drag-and-Drop Your Way to the Top

Faster operations means getting more work done. In IgnitionWeb 3.11, the ranking system for all IgnitionWeb Managers has been optimized with drag-and-drop functionality. Instead of requiring multiple clicks to assign rankings for front-end display, items can now be clicked once and dragged into the desired order, making ranking and organization faster and easier. Improving IgnitionWeb workflows was a major goal of the 3.11 update and the productivity benefits of drag-and-drop ranking cannot be overstated.


Best-of-Breed Rich Text Formatting

IgnitionWeb's What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor now offers enhanced flexibility, usability and relaibility. With just the right features, a better pasting experience, and functions familiar to all, managing content has never been easier. A sleek, refreshed interface also brings a modern look and feel with clean new buttons that retain the essence of their predecessors. As a focal component of content management systems (CMS), the quality of rich text formatting (RTF) toolbars reflects on the quality of the CMS; IgnitionWeb's sets the standard.


It Keeps Getting Better

As an enterprise-class solution, keeping IgnitionWeb feature-rich, yet easy-to-use is always a priority for us. As systems, languages, databases and browsers are continually refined and improved, so is IgnitionWeb. With several essential usability, performance, security and feature enhancements, IgnitionWeb is even easier to use than ever. IgnitionWeb 3.11 works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

IgnitionWeb 3.11 is the latest upgrade to the award-winning Internet marketing platform empowering you to Inform, Promote and Transact online. The websites of participants in the IgnitionWeb Licensing Program will automatically be updated to the 3.11 release. For more information, consult the IgnitionWeb 3.11 Software Improvement Notice available below.

For the High-Touch team,
Tom Kouri & Pat Yoshida
High-Touch Communications Inc.

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