Announcing IgnitionWeb 3.12

HTC has announced the release of IgnitionWeb 3.12, the latest upgrade to the award-winning Internet marketing platform that empowers you to Inform, Promote and Transact online. In conjunction with the new release, has gone mobile-friendly with a redesigned, responsive layout. Learning about the benefits of IgnitionWeb on your tablet or smartphone has never been easier.

New Features to Improve Process, Usability, Content Control & Accountability

HTC is proud to announce the release of IgnitionWeb 3.12, offering even more powerful and flexible solutions for your business needs. With many important improvements, new features and a totally new module, this update raises the bar once again. Whether you use IgnitionWeb to Inform, Promote or Transact online, you are sure to benefit from the feature-rich updates of v3.12.

A Streamlined Media Centre Browser

In IgnitionWeb 3.12, Media Centre Browser has received a lot of attention, leading to a more streamlined and intuitive media upload experience.
  • The number of clicks required to upload, select and insert media into pages and articles have been significantly reduced.
  • Media listings within the Media Centre Browser now highlight recently uploaded items and display file dimensions.
  • Media thumbnails are larger and image previews can be quickly scanned using the left and right keyboard inputs.
  • Default image constraints can now be overridden


Protecting Your Google Analytics

To ensure Google Analytics functions optimally across all IgnitionWeb sites, two new features have been added to Site Statistics. First, all Google tracking and profile ID’s are validated during input, ensuring that only acceptable ID’s are saved. A change log has also been added that records all changes to Google tracking codes, including which administrator made the changes and when, thereby simplifying troubleshooting and enhancing accountability.

A New Module: Form Recipient Manager

Email recipients associated with front-end forms such as mailing list sign-ups and contact forms can now be edited manually with EasyText Editor’s new Form Recipient Manager. Inquiry types within certain forms can also be created and managed dynamically.

More for Your Mailing List

As one of IgnitionWeb's most robust and powerful modules, Mailing List Manager continues to be improved upon in v3.12.
  • Subscriber search has been enhanced to include Removed and Refused subscribers in search results.
  • When editing messages uploaded from ZIP files, Step 2 now defaults to the advanced editing mode, allowing the HTML code to be easily modified, previewed and saved.
  • A new state has been added for “In Progress” mailings.
  • Header and footer images used in Mailing List Manager Templates can now be hyperlinked to any desired URL’s. Welcoming 3.12 by Going Mobile-Friendly

In conjunction with the release of v3.12, has been redesigned with a mobile-friendly responsive layout. No matter the device or platform, is a pleasure to surf.


It Keeps Getting Better

As an enterprise-class solution, keeping IgnitionWeb feature-rich, yet easy-to-use is always a priority for us. As systems, languages, databases and browsers are continually refined and improved, so is IgnitionWeb. With several essential usability, performance, security and feature enhancements, IgnitionWeb is now more powerful, yet even easier to use. IgnitionWeb 3.12 works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
IgnitionWeb 3.12 is the latest upgrade to the award-winning Internet marketing platform empowering you to Inform, Promote and Transact online. The websites of participants in the IgnitionWeb Licensing Program will automatically be updated to the 3.12 release. For more information, consult the IgnitionWeb 3.12 Software Improvement Notice available below.
For the High-Touch team,
Tom Kouri & Pat Yoshida
High-Touch Communications Inc.

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