Announcing IgnitionWeb 3.6

New Features. Improved Performance. Better Results.
Introducing IgnitionWeb 3.6, the latest upgrade to the award-winning Internet marketing platform that empowers you to Inform, Promote and Transact online. Powerful feature updates, performance enhancements, security fixes and documentation improvements combine to make it even easier and more productive to manage your website and improve your online relationships.

Some key highlights to IgnitionWeb 3.6 include:

Take Control of Your SEO. Improve Your Rankings. Be Found.

A new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature has been introduced in EasyText Editor. Your website Administrators now have the ability to easily enter site-wide keywords and page descriptions using the latest EasyText Editor enhancement. Improve your search engine results page rankings. Help your audience find your site... fast!

On the Internet, content is king and it is what drives the rankings of the most popular sites, regardless of industry or target audience. Search engines have drastically evolved since the Wild Wild West of the World Wide Web. However, despite those changes, keywords and page descriptions continue to be critical sources of information for search engines.

Generate specific, descriptive, frequently searched terms and improve your search engine rankings. With better page rankings you’ll get more traffic and better results.

Fewer Clicks + Streamlined Processes = Faster Updates

Activate items in one step
The two-step might be great on the dance floor, but it is avoided in IgnitionWeb. Have you ever forgotten to Activate an item? One of the new IgnitionWeb 3.6 updates enables you to Add/Edit items and Activate them within the form. Voilà! What once was a two-step process can now be completed on one form.

Category deletion without complication
Throughout IgnitionWeb, when deleting categories, we always ask, "are you sure you want to delete this category and all items in it?" If you click 'Cancel', the category is retained and if you click 'OK', a second pop-up declares "the category was deleted successfully". In the spirit of simplifying and streamlining processes the second pop-up has been removed. This will save you a click and eliminate the redundancy.

Easy-to-use Just Got Easier
Cleanliness may be next to godliness; however, within IgnitionWeb seeing breadcrumbs everywhere is a good thing. They helped Hansel and Gretel and they should make navigation easier for your website Administrators too. 

These highlights represent just a small sample of the improvements that make up IgnitionWeb 3.6. A complete listing can be found within the attached Software Improvement Notice.