Announcing IgnitionWeb 3.8

Over six months in the making, IgnitionWeb 3.8 is HTC’s most powerful, expansive and progressive build to date.

Future-Proofing Your Software and Your Investment
These core code updates required extensive programming to achieve the optimal performance of our software... and your site. Version 3.8 keeps you moving with the times by future-proofing your website for further development, prolonging the longevity of your platform and interface. Our licensing program adds value to your website, maximizing the return you experience on your investment, even as the net continues to grow and change.


Speak the Same Language

Your code has been updated to PHP5, the latest version of the programming language. Doing so makes adding functionality, features, and third-party content much easier, while maintaining the highest security standards to keep your information safe. Additionally, your IgnitionWeb platform is now optimized for peak performance on Mac OS X and Safari, for those of you who like to "think different."

System-Wide Update Brings Your Site Up to Speed

Your site advances seamlessly through regular IgnitionWeb improvements. As well as the language update, your database is now running on MySQL5. You'll notice faster functioning, improved security, and better performance during high traffic periods as a result of this upgrade.


Enhanced Search Functions Generate More Relevant Results

Users searching your front-end site can now specify "and"/"or" commands. Returns are better sorted by relevance, so your audience can spend less time searching your site, and more time surfing it!

IgnitionWeb 3.8 is the latest upgrade to the award-winning Internet marketing platform empowering you to Inform, Promote and Transact online. Powerful feature updates, performance enhancements, security fixes and documentation improvements combine to make it even easier to manage your website.

These highlights represent just a small sample of the improvements that make up IgnitionWeb 3.8. A complete listing can be found in the official Software Improvement Notice.

The websites of participants in the IgnitionWeb Licensing Program have automatically been updated to the 3.8 release.

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