BioAmber Launches a Products & Applications Website

HTC Launches New Site, Designed to Increase Awareness of the Company’s Innovative Initiatives
BioAmber has been revolutionizing the global chemical industry by providing sustainable chemical alternatives to petroleum-based products. In order to highlight the company’s products and valuable commercial applications, BioAmber has introduced a new commercial website.

In approaching this project, our team focused on developing a valuable resource that would benefit BioAmber’s audience. We endeavored to create a site that would showcase the company’s products and applications in an approachable, easy-to-use design while still providing users with comprehensive product information.

The Products & Applications site functions in tandem with BioAmber’s corporate site, making it easily accessible. The user is welcomed with an appealing Home page, complete with bold imagery and polished design. The inviting layout engages the user, provides easy navigation and immediately facilitates the consumption of detailed information.

The Products & Applications site allows users to easily view the products and applications by category, discover their various advantages, and learn more about the ways in which BioAmber helps to reduce its entire supply chain’s carbon footprint. Along with the product and application descriptions, the new site includes technical document downloads, and a Resources section that allows users to request samples and access a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Additionally, the site hosts widgets featuring the company’s various awards, interesting company-related facts, as well as customer and partner testimonials.

In order to optimize the site’s functionality, the design features a device-agnostic interface and responsive design that allows for a user-friendly experience across all computer, tablet, and mobile platforms.

HTC is excited to have partnered with BioAmber in this initiative, helping to bring awareness to the company’s revolutionary products and their invaluable role in preserving our environment.