BioAmber Leverages Social Responsibility & Market Leadership in New, Investor-Oriented Website

Market-leading green technology and chemistry company launches new site for IPO
In the face of a $10 billion total addressable market, BioAmber is the only company in the world producing bio-based succinic acid in commercial quantities. Not only does the company’s product directly replace the petroleum-based alternative in the manufacturing of everyday products, but BioAmber makes it more responsibly, economically and cleanly than anyone else in order to impact the health of our world.

BioAmber’s completely renewable and flexible organic feedstocks produce very high-yields while their proven, proprietary process creates a negative carbon footprint by consuming CO₂. Built on the strength of intellectual property, innovative technology, strategic partnerships, and participation in every segment of their value chain, BioAmber is growing rapidly to meet demand and improve the world we all live in.

As the market leader, BioAmber needed an industry-leading website that would project its strength, competitive advantages and value propositions in a compelling fashion. HTC took the time to learn about BioAmber, its industry and all the pertinent details that would ensure the optimal execution of an on-point concept. Our goal was to create an engaging site that leverages valuable attributes and communicates effectively with stakeholders and the general public. By developing laser-focused messaging and using bold imagery in modern web 2.0 design, we were able to deliver a top-tier website that sets the benchmark for every other bio-chemical and socially-responsible technology company in the world.

To supplement the value of BioAmber’s web presence, the site acts as an effective communications vehicle. Built on the powerful IgnitionWeb internet marketing platform, BioAmber’s website enables geographically-dispersed, non-technical staff and management to easily publish press releases, email targeted lists of people, self-administer site content, process job applications, and more. Access privileges differ from user to user; publishing rights are limited to only a small group of appointed site administrators. With their new site, BioAmber has added yet another invaluable asset to their business.