The Cedars Cancer Institute launches a Re-designed Website

HTC launched the new Cedars website featuring an increased focus on fundraising and online donations, as well as newly designed elements such as a wider layout to accommodate today’s ever-growing monitor aspect ratios.

How we helped...

The Cedars Cancer InstituteCedars is a non-profit organization whose goal is to aid individuals and families who are coping with the ill effects of cancer. HTC has partnered with Cedars in order to help them achieve their organization’s objectives through an effective online presence and user-administered real-time website tools. Ultimately, HTC’s work with Cedars provides real-business value by reducing outreach, administrative and operational costs while increasing revenues through donations made on their website.

In fact, the cost savings allowed Cedars the opportunity to invest more heavily in their online marketing efforts. These initiatives in turn provided the organization with additional fundraiser and donation revenues along with increased awareness and recognition for the great work that the organization does.