Congratulations to the Association marketing de Montréal

Another year of successful Internet Marketing and still no need for a VP of Technology!
The AMM’s website is an informational and transactional online resource providing improved member service and communications, while reducing administration time and effort.

The AMM has over 500 members, the majority of whom are active in the business sector at a senior corporate marketing level. The AMM represents the most important professional marketing organization in Quebec.

So what would 500 marketers know about administrating a website?

Only that it’s easy and technical know-how is absolutely no boundary to keeping in-touch and promoting events, thanks to the Ignitionweb’s easy-to-use Internet Marketing Platform.

In fact, with such a big team of marketers and communication specialists, the AMM is probably one of the best users of IgnitionWeb. Just visit to see the impressive amount of news, events, resources and job postings they add onto the website on a daily basis.

So congratulations to the AMM for being such great online communicators and apologies to any technology associations out there if you are starting to feel lonely.