DRAXIMAGE Takes a Leap Forward with IgnitionWeb

HTC have been working with DRAXIS since 2008, and even when the parent company was acquired by Jubilant Organosys, both DRAXIMAGE and DRAXIS PHARMA continue to expand and refine their Web strategy using the user-friendly IgnitionWeb-based system that has worked for them all these years.
DRAXIMAGE & DRAXIS PHARMA Front-end WebsitesHTC recently rolled out a new feature allowing site Administrators to create, update, edit and maintain pages on two front-end websites using the same back-end IgnitionWeb installation.

"The DRAXIMAGE team has the right approach," notes Freddy Davy, Account Director at HTC. "CMS-integrated sites with a powerful tool like IgnitionWeb are ideally suited to rapid feature deployment and an organic evolution over time." He adds, "too many companies see their websites as projects that need massive overhauling every five or so years, when often the smarter, more economical approach is iterative development." Davy maintains that making small improvements here and there is the best way to extend the value of your system, and maximize the return on investment.

"Think of your site like a house," he suggests. "If every time you wanted to improve your decor or upgrade your lifestyle you had to take everything on at once, it becomes a daunting task and consumes a lot of resources. However, if over a period of a few months you add a new piece of furniture, paint a room the next and regrout your tiles, it becomes manageable, and you can gradually improve your lifestyle over time."

In the case of DRAXIMAGE, today HTC updated their site by adding the powerful IgnitionWeb module, Library Manager. This gives the team the ability to expand sections throughout both websites, taking big strides forward in content generation and improving their Search Engine Optimization (SEO), all the while adding value to their original site with a smaller investment. Another recent feature update was the addition of a password-protected member area to their site, in 2009.

"Usually," states Davy, "lots of little gains add up to a very big payoff over time. They give a client the chance to refine and test what strategy works best: and it's all about making the most of your online real estate in the end."