Draxis Launches Three Sites in One

Draxis breaks free from the Webmaster, using one IgnitionWeb platform to self-administer three websites in three different languages.

DRAXIS“Like many companies,” states Freddy Davy, Account Director at HTC, “Draxis realized they needed an online presence early on, but found themselves constantly sending material to developers when they wanted to update their previous websites.” Launching three new and redesigned websites today, Draxis is now able to manage and maintain their own content with the IgnitionWeb platform. Non-technical staff can now mount communications documents, quarterly reports, news articles (and more) as easily as they compose their daily emails.

“Using a content management system to create, organize or track documents and their translations can save an organization 30-50% of their related costs,” says Davy. “IgnitionWeb is the perfect tool for companies who need to manage multilingual sites, because everything is stored in a safe, centralized online repository.” Versioning and content approval privileges are added benefits to Draxis’ new IgnitionWeb-based system.
With IgnitionWeb in place, further development steps can easily be taken in the future. Draxis may add Customer Relationship Management functions or B2B e-commerce ability with some extra IgnitionWeb modules. But for now, Davy notes, “they have three attractive, consistent and easy-to-use websites that finally allow Draxis to take complete control of their Internet marketing.”
Planning a multilingual or multi-URL site? Visit our Draxis case study to find out how IgnitionWeb can be customized to meet these goals.