HJ O’Connell Joins the IgnitionWeb Licensing Program

Designed by HTC in 2003, hjoc.com still looks fresh and current to this day. Launching an updated back-end, HJOC joins the IgnitionWeb licensing program to bring their Internet marketing platform up to the same level.

HJOCHJOC, a leading supplier to Canada’s resource industries, has enjoyed the same effective design on their website for five years. “In Internet terms, that’s a long time,” says Liesl Barrell, Project Coordinator at HTC. “But when you design a site to last, based on solid, user-oriented principles, it endures beyond online trends.” A great benefit to building websites on the robust and powerful IgnitionWeb portal is—when paired with enduring front-end design—minimal changes are needed to keep the complete Web solution functioning optimally. “In this case,” Barrell adds, “all the company needed was to bring the technology behind their site up to speed. They already had the tools they needed and a winning design that works for them and their clients.”

 By bringing IgnitionWeb up to version 3.8, HJOC benefits from five years of code updates, including many improvements to core performance. Non-technical staff can continue to update the HJOC site, and will now benefit from the enhancements that have made IgnitionWeb the easy-to-use site maintenance and content management tool of CTV Montreal and Unisource Canada.
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