IgnitionWeb Powers Up to Version 3.3

The IgnitionWeb Platform is in constant development with regularly scheduled software upgrades. A dedicated team of developers and strategists plan and execute major upgrades to the IgnitionWeb platform to ensure customers have the most advanced Internet Marketing software available. This development is funded in part by Industry Canada's Scientific Research and Experimental Development program.
IgnitionWeb Version 3.3 provides 25 key feature, performance, security and documentation improvements over the last version.

These improvements affect:
  • IgnitionWeb Core
  • Media Centre
  • Boutique Manager
  • Mailing List Manager Pro
  • Site Statistics
  • EasyText Editor
  • Collaboration and Content Status Manager
  • Links Management
  • Administrative Forms
  • Administrative Search Engine
  • Administrative Help
  • Server Management

They can be classified into four main categories:

1. Feature Updates
Feature Updates are valued additions to existing IgnitionWeb Manager features that either improves the performance or simplifies the use of the Manager.

2. Performance Enhancements
Performance Enhancements are responsive solutions for bugs that may limit the optimal performance of an IgnitionWeb Manager and/or tweaks that improve the stability of the IgnitionWeb platform.

3. Security Fixes
Security Fixes are pro-active solutions to on-going security issues that may arise on the IgnitionWeb platform.

4. Documentation Improvements
We constantly review our help and technical documentation files to improve upon clarity and to ensure they keep pace with feature and version changes.

All licensed users of IgnitionWeb 3.0 and greater benefit from these Software Improvements and their websites are updated automatically after being advised.

For more information on IgnitionWeb 3.3 or the IgnitionWeb Licensing Program contact:

Jonathan Clarke
General Manager
High-Touch Communications Inc.
Tel // 514.739.2461 ext. 202