Search Engine Optimization – Content is King

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing a website to improve its ranking and results location by online search engines. SEO is a key component to successful Internet Marketing platforms like IgnitionWeb.
“Content is King”

This very popular phrase among internet marketers summarizes the way every search engine works nowadays. Let's take a step back and see why this is happening.

Search engines basically follow the interests of users since their main purpose is to provide high quality search results to them. Internet users have two main reasons to go online – searching for entertainment or information. Information can take many shapes (images, video, audio) but most often it is written text.

Search engines therefore give better rankings to websites that have a lot of text content, since text content tends to be an Internet Users priority,

One of the best ways for improving your search engine ranking is therefore to constantly produce new content on your website. This can be done with a blog, new pages, news listings, events, etc. Simply publish a lot of good quality content and Internet Users as well as the search engines will value that and keep on coming to your web site.

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