Spa Sensations Upgrades Website to Focus More on Consultants

Spa Sensations upgrades with HTC to offer even greater support for their Independent Consultants.
Direct Sales organizations rely on independent consultants to sell their products, so all marketing support must revolve around helping them sell. Originally, consultants’ feared e-commerce would cut them out of the sales process if customers bought direct. Now they see it as an effective tool for increasing their own sales.

The need for e-commerce in direct sales started as women began to play a greater role in the work force. In an industry dominated by women that meant less people to sell door-to-door and fewer people to open them. The Internet meant customers could see and purchase products whenever they wanted, but it only became a possibility for Direct Sales organizations when they found a way to do it without alienating their consultants.

Direct Sales organizations like Spa Sensations do this by making independent consultants the focus of their online strategy.

Spa Sensations entire interactive strategy revolves around assisting and growing their consultant base. They provide tools to help consultants prepare and manage their sales as well as ensuring they get credit for their customer’s orders.

With a consultant-centric approach, Direct Sales organizations are also free to use the Web as a cost efficient medium to promote their products.

Websites developed with solutions like IgnitionWeb provide the tools necessary to Inform, Promote and Transact online in a more targeted way than traditional mediums. They allow businesses to use their websites as an Internet Marketing Platform.