St. Mary’s Hospital Centre Launches New Website

HTC re-designs and launches the new IgnitionWeb-powered Website

St. Mary's Hospital Center (SMHC)St. Mary's Hospital Center (SMHC) delights in providing its culturally diverse constituency with the highest quality in healthcare, and as one of Montreal's most distinguished and long-established curative institutions, it enjoys a proud heritage of being a vital part of its community.

HTC was tasked with elevating SMHC's brand by developing an inviting online presence that effectively conveyed the hospital's commitment to health care and contribution to the medical sciences. They needed their website to focus heavily on content with the intention to update their News and Research sections almost on a daily basis. We took their demand to task and developed an enhanced version of IgnitionWeb's News Manager.

With the thoroughly re-vamped News Manager, SMHC can now designate specific articles as "Featured" on the website Home Page, categorize text items based on content type, and assign time-sensitive articles to a newly developed "Breaking News" Panel. Collectively, the enhancements built into IgnitionWeb's core now give SMHC complete control and greater flexibility over their information architecture.

Our re-development efforts also included raising the bar on SMHC's Email capabilities, ultimately providing them with a customized, enhanced version of IgnitionWeb's Mailing List Manager (MLM). The newly developed MLM uses Email segmentation and content taxonomy filters to help effortlessly manage different Email campaigns and multiple list types.

Using intuitive information architecture, an easy-to-update content management system, enhanced mailing list management features, and a professionally designed interactive website, St. Mary's Hospital Center ( can keep its patients, donors, visitors, volunteers and medical practitioners promptly informed about the hospital's daily affairs.