Thomson Tremblay Launches New Web 2.0 Site

Quebec recruitment and placement leader launches effective, compelling and stylish website.
Thomson Tremblay Inc.In the midst of constantly evolving staffing challenges and increasing competition within labour markets, Thomson Tremblay continues to serve the companies and workers of Quebec with the highest standard of quality, reliability and efficiency in their recruitment and placement services. Targeting and tailoring its offering to the local market, building long-standing relationships with the province’s finest companies and adhering to its guiding vision and values has earned Thomson Tremblay the reputation of the leading staffing agency in Quebec. With careful growth over the past 40 years, offices from Montreal into its surrounding areas all the way to Quebec City, the Thomson Tremblay brand has been built upon an unrivalled commitment to creating perfect matches between great workers and great companies.
HTC was entrusted to design and build the Thomson Tremblay website from the ground up: from analysis and planning, to information architecture, copywriting, design and development, to all the subtle, yet important elements that come together to create an effective business tool and web property.
We were provided with materials from which site content began to emerge; it was then organized in the most logical and intuitive fashion within the site’s navigation. Our talented design team then conceptualized modern, web 2.0 layouts with the user experience in mind. Bold imagery was added to accent each page and draw attention to items of interest. The content was infused with key terminology that contributes significant Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value to improve site traffic and search engine rankings. Prospective candidates were given the ability to upload their CV and submit a general job application in addition to browsing job listings and joining the Thomson Tremblay mailing list. Though relatively simple in functionality, the Thomson Tremblay website is rich in content and effective in its application.
As the Internet continues to play an ever-increasing role in the modern business landscape, companies are turning to it as a focal element of their promotional and marketing mixes. Using the Internet as a communications channel and information resource is important for businesses to leverage their strengths and promote their offerings. Thomson Tremblay saw the Internet as an opportunity to solidify its market position in an industry with a fair amount of competition and larger national players. The strength of the Thomson Tremblay brand needed to be communicated to demonstrate competitive advantages, build upon awareness and create more equity with greater reach and accessibility to both businesses and the workforce.