Tune In To YES, the Microsite that Packs a Bite

HTC launches tuneintoyes.com, a promotional tool focused on fundraising and powered by IgnitionWeb.

Tune In To YES Last year, Tune In To YES raised over $24,000 for the YES Montreal cause. This year, backed by a newly launched IgnitionWeb-based site, they’re aiming even higher. “YES Montreal’s fundraising event is a winning example of microsite marketing strategy,” says Tom Kouri, President of HTC and YES board member.

With the advent of Web 2.0, one of the most effective strategies in the Internet marketer’s playbook is to develop small, purpose-built websites focusing on a singular aspect of an organization. “The parent site at yesmontreal.com promotes the many services YES provides the community. There’s a wealth of information for three different target audiences [job-seekers, artists and entrepreneurs],” Kouri adds. “While we could have promoted their fundraiser on their main website, it would add even more to its many objectives, and the call for support might get overshadowed by all the other resources and activity.” So tuneintoyes.com was born, and the contributions have already started pouring in.

HTC has developed the Tune In To YES2 campaign to raise the visibility of YES Montreal, highlighting their achievements and contributions to the community, and urging people to contribute. All the marketing material was designed to drive traffic to the Tune In To YES microsite and emphasize the three ways supporters can give to the YES cause: attend the event on September 25, donate to the silent auction or advertise in the program book.
To build tuneintoyes.com, HTC developed a new, specialized module for IgnitionWeb to process all three types of submissions through the site (ticket orders, donations and ad placements). This new module is also paired with the standard Mailing List Manager to perform future email marketing campaigns specifically aimed at prior contributors. With only eight pages, tuneintoyes.com is a simple and effective transactional IgnitionWeb installation, to increase proceeds while reducing administrative costs.
Some of the benefits of centering a campaign on a microsite include greater search engine optimization and the tremendous growth potential for future projects. “Next year, maybe YES will want to have two benefit concerts,” Kouri points out, “or have a whole series of Tune In To YES fundraiser events. A simple microsite running on IgnitionWeb can be expanded easily to grow alongside YES Montreal’s fundraising goals.”
Interested in launching a microsite on the IgnitionWeb platform? Contact us at info@htc.ca.
Want to know more? Visit our YES Montreal case study to find out how IgnitionWeb helps non-profits get the word out and serve their community.
Stay tuned to find out more about the Tune In To YES2 event in September.