Weight Loss Surgery Takes the Load Off with IgnitionWeb

New WLS website launches, bringing fresh hope to Canadians living with morbid obesity.

Today, HTC unveiled a new IgnitionWeb-based site and corresponding branding imagery for Weight Loss Surgery. Co-founded by Dr. Nicholas Christou, who specializes in laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, WLS offers top-of-the-line treatment options to combat life-threatening obesity. Weightlosssurgery.ca informs patients about surgical procedures, offers facts about obesity, and presents solutions to help those struggling with this serious and chronic illness.

To emphasize his position as a leader in his field, the site is designed to reflect the trust patients can have in Dr. Christou’s services, and the hope he brings to the people who need them. Calming colours, real world success stories, and before and after pictures from patients who have regained their health and mobility, all represent the desire for life after obesity. Detailed FAQs, news, and educational sections of the site outline the potential risks and demonstrated benefits of undergoing weight loss surgery—giving patients and prospects the facts they need to make informed decisions about their health.  
Dr. Christou heads a small team of dedicated healthcare professionals, none of whom have an IT background. To keep this new site up to date, he knew he’d need a system that was simple and accessible for himself and his staff to maintain in both English and French. “The IgnitionWeb platform is easy to use and allows us to maintain our content without having to send it out to developers,” says Dr. Christou. “[The HTC team] helped us to identify and clarify our needs for not only our website, but our complete promotional package. Their creative energy and thoroughness helped clarify our message and gave us the tools to communicate with our clients in a polished and professional manner.”
Dr. Christou is frequently profiled in Canadian media and has been interviewed by CTV Montreal, the CBC and the Montreal Gazette (among others) for his expertise in related health matters.
Want to know more? Visit our WLS case study to find out how IgnitionWeb powers Dr. Christou’s website.