IgnitionWeb 4: Get More from the Core!

HTC has announced the release of IgnitionWeb 4, the latest upgrade to the award-winning Internet marketing platform that empowers you to Inform, Promote and Transact online.


Out with the Old and in with the Future

IgnitionWeb continues to evolve with the introduction of new technologies and the elimination of old ones. With IgnitionWeb 4, old extensions, applications and libraries have been completely removed and replaced with the latest PHP functions and libraries. It’s an under-the-hood update that ensures IgnitionWeb remains future-proofed and at the forefront of software innovation. And IgnitionWeb 4 is now fully compatible with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL.

Flexible Updates for Rapid Turnarounds

In IgnitionWeb 4, customized modules have less reliance on the IgnitionWeb core. As a result, updates to IgnitionWeb managers can be implemented more quickly and require less testing. Your update requests can now be handled faster and more efficiently, meaning lower costs and quicker turnarounds.

Faster Functionality

Core refinements, enhancements and improvements mean that IgnitionWeb now requires fewer computer resources, making it faster than ever before. Split-second speed improvements to virtually every IgnitionWeb operation amount to a smoother, more seamless application and lets you get more done, faster.

It Keeps Getting Better

As an enterprise-class solution, keeping IgnitionWeb feature-rich, yet easy-to-use is always a priority for us. As systems, languages, databases and browsers are continually refined and improved, so is IgnitionWeb. With several essential improvements, IgnitionWeb is now more powerful than ever. IgnitionWeb 4 works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

IgnitionWeb 4 is the latest upgrade to the award-winning Internet marketing platform empowering you to Inform, Promote and Transact online. The websites of participants in the IgnitionWeb Licensing Program will automatically be updated to the IgnitionWeb 4 release.

For the High-Touch team,
Tom Kouri & Pat Yoshida
High-Touch Communications Inc.